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About EMA

Elite Marketing Alliance (EMA) is a network marketing company in the health and wellness industry, committed to delivering quality products to everyone everywhere. We are simply changing people’s lives with our passion, drive and determination. Your success is our success. We will work tirelessly to support our Elite Business Owners or EBO’s as they look to build successful small businesses. Generational wealth is the key to true financial independence. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send your children to college? Would it be nice to take an extra trip each year? Perhaps you would like to buy your first home, or pay off all your credit card debts. All these endeavors are possible with EMA. We are striving to become the number one network marketing company based on integrity, loyalty and service. So whether you are looking for a means to create passive income, or if you are looking for a new business venture, EMA may be right for you.


Our mission is to provide the most innovative products, services and opportunity that promotes, empowers and encourages people to reach their full potential in life, by achieving the best of health and over-all well-being, mentally, spiritually, physically, financially and socially.


Our vision is to be on the cutting edge of new product development and marketing in the Anti-aging, Health and Wellness industry. And to help individuals create generational wealth for their family in a home base business. Our passion and commitment for the success of every independent member is the driving force behind the company’s vision.

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