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1.   Q. How do I sign up with EMA?

Answer: You will have to go to the of the person who referred you to the website. There you will need to click on the “JOIN” button on the top right hand corner. Make sure the name of the referrer is shown before you complete the open fields on the online application. If their name is not shown please make contact with them to get the correct website address. Why?  Because once a person is placed in the Matrix they can not be moved around.  Then follow the prompts to complete the enrollment process.

2. Q. Once I sign up, what do I need to do next?

Answer: You will receive an id number, Go to and click on “Elite Login Office”.  Enter your user name or id number and password.  At this point you are in your Virtual Office.  You will be able to track your commissions and manage your business using this tool.

3. Q. How do I buy my enrollment package to qualify for monthly commissions?

Answer: After you log in your virtual office click on the tab on the top left called “Main Menu”.  Scroll down the list and click on “Shopping Cart”.  This will start the process.  You must choose the “Enrollment Catalog” to order your package to qualify for this month’s commission.  Choose the package you wish to purchase.  We also strongly encourage you to set up a monthly payment using the Auto-Ship Manager, feature.

4.   Q. How do I set up a monthly Auto-Shipment?

 Answer: Find the tab on the top left called “Main Menu”.  Move the cursor down the list to “Auto-Ship Manager”.  Click on “Create” and follow the prompts on the screen. It is very important that you have a Credit or Debit Card to set up Auto-Shipment. This will ensure that you will maintain your position in the Matrix.  Failure to maintain an auto shipment could result in a loss of your potential commissions.

5.Q. Can I pay my Auto-Shipment with my E-Wallet?

 Answer: Yes, you can pay for your recurring order with your E-Wallet (Un-paid commissions)You must enter a secondary form of payment (i.e. credit or debit card) when you initially set up your Auto-shipment.  You must click to agree with the terms and conditions before proceeding, this is a simple 10 step process of about three minutes to complete. When selecting this payment option, the system will calculate the actual balance of unpaid commissions in your account. If you have enough funds in your E-Wallet to cover the entire amount of the order, the system will use those funds to pay for it. But if you do not have enough funds in the account, the FULL AMOUNT for the order will process on your designated payment method of choice, leaving the unpaid commissions in your E-Wallet to be used at a later time.

Please note:
Partial payment with commissions is NOT allowed. Your unpaid commission balance must be equal to or greater than the total cost of your order, or you will be charged using your designated payment method.

6.   Q. What do I earn when I enroll with the Elite Mini Package?

Answer: With an Elite Mini Pack, you will earn $1.00 to the 10th level on every person that purchases a Mini pack in your organization.   Your progress and commissions are tracked in real time, daily in your Virtual Office.

7.Q. What do I earn when I enroll the Elite Gold Package? 

Answer: With the Elite Gold Package, you will earn $5.00 to the 10th level on every person that purchases it in your organization.  You will also earn $1.00 on every Elite Mini Package purchased in your organization.  Your progress and commissions are tracked in real time, daily in your Virtual Office.

8. Q. What do I earn when I enroll with the Elite Platinum Package? 

Answer: With the Elite Platinum Package, you will earn $10.00 to the tenth level on every person that purchases it in your organization, and $5.00 on the Elite Gold Package in your organization.  You will also earn $1.00 on every Elite Mini Package purchased in your organization.  Your progress and commissions are tracked in real time, daily in your Virtual Office.

9. Q. What do I earn when I enroll with the Elite Titanium Package? 

 Answer: When you enroll using the Titanium package, your commission will be $20.00 on everyone in your organization who enrolls with the Titanium package.  You will earn $10.00 on everyone who enrolls using the Platinum Package; likewise you will earn $5.00 on everyone who enrolls with the Elite Gold Package and $1.00 for everyone who enrolls with the Elite Mini package.

10. Q. What is the 90 day Rush?  How does it work? 

Answer: The 90 day Rush is a great incentive plan for people who sign up using our higher packages.  If you buy the Gold, Platinum or Titanium package, they will be “grandfathered” in as a GB2, GB3 or GB4 level depending on the package they enroll with at any time.  For example, if you were to purchase the Elite Gold package, you would become a GB2 for 90 days.  That means you will reap all the benefits from that level rank.  If you have not qualified to stay at that ranking and desire to be extended for another 90 days, you can purchase another Gold (GB2), Platinum (GB3) or Titanium (GB4) package.  This is a powerful way to build a solid organization from the bottom up and not the top down.

Q. What if I don’t have the initial funds to purchase the higher packages, to become a GB2, GB3 or GB4 can I still reach those ranks?

Absolutely, you can reach these ranks of achievements. Each rank qualification will vary by the BV and GV (Business and Group Volume) required as you build your organization.  When you follow the simple steps to Success and partner with 2 or more people who will do the same, your ranking could reach the top of the compensation plan. Everyone’s success is determined on an individual basis.  At EMA we make NO income claims or promises.

11. Q. What makes the EMA business opportunity different from other Network Marketing companies?

Answer: At EMA we have raised the bar of Network Marketing, by making the opportunity simple and easy for anyone to participate and succeed in the business, based on their level of commitment.

12.   Q. Who is EMA?

Answer: A group of highly experienced individuals who have come together for the sole purpose of helping people reach their goals and dreams in life.
With a Home Base business that focuses on the overall Health, Financial and Wellness of others.
13.  Q. Why should I join EMA?

 Answer:  Because it’s the first company that truly represents what Network Marketing was intended to be, where as No one is Left behind, and each member in the company contributes to the success of everyone else. The cost is very reasonable, the products are of superior quality and the opportunity is the most lucrative that can change and improve your life for generations to come.

14.  Q. How effective are the products?

Answer: Very effective, our products are specially formulated to give the systems of your body what they need to work and perform at its best. We use a combination of natural ingredients, herbs, minerals, fruits, berries and other essential vitamins for optimum health.

15.  Q. Can I buy a position in the company?

 Answer:  No, yet there is a unique way to position yourself in a higher ranking for a ninety day period. This is our 90 Day Rush incentive program,
When you enroll with one of the three higher packages, the Elite Gold, Platinum or The Elite Titanium, you will have the opportunity to experience the ranking of a GB2, GB3 or GB4 for ninety days (three commissionable months). While you are building your organization and volume to stay qualified at that rank. After the 90 day period has expired, you will be positioned at whichever rank you are qualified for at that time (see complete compensation plan overview).

16.  Q. How does the BV (Business Volume) work?

 Answer:  BV, is the initial and re-order purchases made personally by the EBO (Elite Business Owner) during a commissionable month. BV is the amount paid out in commissions from the purchase of a product (i.e. $22.00=$10.00 BV) This volume is calculated to determine commissions and rank qualification for promotions.

17. Q. How does the GV (Group Volume) work?

Answer:  GV, is calculated from the total BV of the initial and re-order purchases made by any EBO or customer during a commissionable month in your organization to infinity. This GV counts toward your ranking and promotions.

18.  Q. After I have agreed to be on auto shipment and my Credit Card information has been entered into the system. When can I expect my Credit Card to be debited again after my initial purchase order?

 Answer:  You can expect your Credit Card to be debited again every   Thirty days from the initial calendar date of purchase order. Our calendar month ends on the twenty-fifth of each month. (Example: If a purchase is made between the 26th and 31st of the month, the next draft would be on the 25th of the following month). All other dates would be on the exact date of the initial purchase order. You have the right to cancel your auto shipment at any time within three (3) business days before the due date.

19.   Q. What is an E-Wallet and how does it work?

 Answer:  An E-Wallet (also known as a digital wallet) allows users to make electronic commerce transactions quickly and securely. An E-Wallet functions much like a physical wallet. Whereby it stores or holds your funds until you are ready to use them. Our E-Wallet serves many purposes, when commissions are paid to it. The EBO has several options for use, you can request a printed check (see #26 below), have funds sent to designated accounts (i.e. debit cards, checking accounts etc), you can transfer funds to another EBO’s E-Wallet, purchase products, pay auto shipments, and much more.

20.   Q. Are there any side effects from taking the Affinity capsule?

Answer:  The Affinity Capsule is a very potent and concentrated product. It has 948mg of herbs and minerals combined to give your body an energy charge, and enhance performance. It increases the flow of blood throughout the body. A headache may arise from dehydration of the body, and is felt in the head first and if the body is out of balance this may occur in other areas as well. Therefore, if you experience a headache or discomfort from taking the Affinity capsule you may discontinue its use and/or drink plenty of room temperature water and fluids.

21.  Q.  Is there a limit to how many people I can enroll directly to myself?

Answer:  No, an EBO can personally enroll as many people as they like in the business this is our Uni-Level feature where you are able to have as many ‘legs’ as you like and benefit from them all. However, we do recommend that each person enrolled should be mentored and taught the basic five steps to be successful in the business by enrolling at least five (5) Business Partners themselves. An Elite Business Owner ‘EBO’ is someone you have decided to work with in the business. At EMA we want everyone to experience the benefits of networking together.

22. Q.   How does the 3 x 10 work? 

Answer:  The 3 x 10 (Matrix) is designed to create residual (passive) income from the payments of the monthly auto-shipments. Our Matrix pays out 25% of the BV received on every consecutive order made each month. This volume is calculated and paid in percentages to the tenth (10th) level of the Matrix structure depending on the ranking of an EBO. There are three (3) persons on your first level consecutively, (Example:  If you personally enrolled 12 people they would stack on top of your first 3, 3, 3, and 3) then nine (9) on the second level, twenty-seven (27) on the third and the total continues to multiply by three to the tenth (10th) level.    

23.  Q. When I qualify for the Car and Home Allowance, and receive my check, can I spend it on whatever I want?

Answer:  Absolutely.

24.  Q. Can I Will or sell my position to someone?

Answer:  Yes, you may Will or Sell your position to who you please. This business opportunity is designed to create generational wealth for you and your family.

25. Q.  What does GB mean?

Answer:  Global Bonus,  the reason for choosing ‘Global Bonus’ in terms of ranking is to imply that everyone will benefit from the efforts of each other no matter what group or organization they may be in. Our Global Bonus pool is designed to help each EBO earn enough income to cover their auto-shipment each month.

26.  Q.  Do I have to empty my E-Wallet every month?

Answer:  No, actually you can leave your funds in the E-Wallet to build up over time to be used later, with no penalty for up to one year. However, when a check is requested to be printed it must be at least $22.00. All funds disbursements must be requested by Wednesday in order to have a check printed and mailed by Friday of the same week. An E-Wallet transfer can be remitted with a minimal fee from EMA when requested.

27.  Q.  When will the Monthly residual checks or payouts become available?

Answer:  The Monthly, 3 x 10 (residual), Matching Bonuses, Global Bonus Pools, Elite 22 Club, Car and Home Allowance, and the 6% revenue share pools are paid on the second Friday of each month, when a request is made by the second Wednesday of the same month. At which time a check or payout will be disbursed by that Friday.

28.   Q.    What is the Progressive Start Bonuses and when is it paid out?

Answer:   The Progressive Start Bonuses is our unique ‘residual’ type daily (real time) bonus that increases your earnings every time a new customer and/or EBO purchases products. This is based on the total growth of your organization to the tenth (10th) level. As people are enrolling in your entire group you will earn the appropriate commissions on each one of them, no matter who enrolls them in the business. These earnings are calculated and paid out in real time daily. The funds can be remitted on Friday when they are requested by Wednesday of the same week. All of the progressive Start commissions are earned 24 hours per day 365 days per year as long as people are enrolling and/ or purchasing products.   

29.  Q.   What is the Elite 22 Bonus Pool?

Answer:  This is the most powerful success pool created.
The Elite 22 Bonus Pool was designed to promote and help generate a great passive income for anyone who desires to reach financial freedom. An EBO must personally enroll twenty-two Elite Business Owners in the business at the minimum cost of $22.00 plus a GV of $2,220 per month. And will earn an equal share from a 5% Global pool with other Elite 22 members. Your income could begin to increase in ways you have only imagined. The Elite 22 Bonus pool will simply Change people lives.

30.  Q.  Can Not-for-profit organizations or Religious houses join the business by using their 501c (3) Tax exempt number?

 Answer:   Yes, if they can show the legal documents with the tax exempt number on it. This will assure us that they are in fact tax exempt and at the end of the year they will receive a 1099 tax return.
31.   Q.  If my debit or credit card is declined for my monthly auto shipment order, will I be notified by phone or e-mail and how long of a grace period will I have to pay before losing my position?

 Answer:  This should not happen when you are using the E-Wallet we have provided for you to pay your auto-shipment from each month. If this should occur we will notify you by either phone and /or email. The grace period will be 22 days from the first of the month. After 30 days the account will go into delinquent status. Then you will have an additional 22 days to bring the account current or all your commissions will be compressed up to your sponsor until your auto-payment is received.

32.   Q.   Will there be a bank or finance charge to transfer funds from my E-Wallet to the institution(s) of my choice?

Answer:  Each bank institution fees may vary from Bank to Bank, we recommend you check with your personal bank for the fee amounts. There will be a minimal fee of $2.20 per check that is requested to be printed and mailed. 

33.   Q.  Does the initial purchase of products BV count toward my monthly commissions?

Answer:  No, the initial purchase volume goes into the Progressive Start Bonus structure and all consecutive re-orders BV will be distributed within the Compensation Plan (i.e. 3x10 Matrix, Matching Bonus, Global Bonus, Elite22 Bonus, Car/Home Bonus and Revenue Sharing Pools) every month.  

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