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Over the years there have been several companies making promises that they couldn't keep. Either their program was good and the products were shoddy or vice versa. At EMA, we have examined different compnesation plans and we have found a few interesting facts.

In most plans, the top 4-6% of products reaches that goal a result of the remaining 94-96% of others.In other words, the top producers stay on top, while cripping the growth of the other levels.

Here at EMA, our compensation plan intends to change this reality. For the first time in network marketing history, a compensation plan has designed for the average person to earn good income with a minimum * effort.

Introducing The EMA Matrix*

We have created a unique 3 x 10 forced Matrix with a TWO team’s GV qualifier. Which means an EBO can advance to the top of the pay plan with just 2 active legs and the suggested Group Volume (GV).
This pays 25% in residual commissions

  • In addition, we pay 20% in our Global Bonus Pools.
  • We pay a 50% Matching Bonus on all personal Enrollees and up to 50% on all consecutive Matching in your team
  • Also, 5% is paid to Elite 22 members
  • A Progressive Start Bonus pay out on ALL 10 levels Paid daily in real time
  • We will provide a Home Allowance and Car Bonus to qualified top performers.
  • EMA also has 6% Monthly Revenue Sharing Pool
Overall, EMA will pay out approximately 84% to our EBO's.
We believe in the importance of active participation and compensation.We feel our compensation plan demonstrates our commitment to excellence. For as little as $22.00, you can start your personal journey to true financial freedom. As we have demonstrated to you, there are many reasons to join EMA.
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